Removing All Dashboard Widgets

Here’s a quick snippet for removing all Dashboard widgets in the admin area. As always, I’m game for a better way – Something about four foreach loops does not strike me as efficient.

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A Custom the_content Filter

There have been numerous times when I needed the filter capabilities of the_content, but I didn’t want other plugin and/or theme authors to be able to hook into it and add in their own stuff. Here’s a code snippet I use quite regularly (please add in your own custom prefix). Some sample use-cases: Run on […]

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Easy Lazy Loading Via Ajax

My friend Koop asked me over Twitter if there was an easy lazy-loading technique to load social media icons. Initially he wanted to load the icons over hover, but I talked him into doing it on a page load. The problem with social media icons is that they are loaded from external sources, and are […]

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Delete Cron Jobs from WordPress

I recently had the struggle of deleting cron jobs from a site within a Multisite network. None of the delete cron functions seemed to work for me, so I wrote a function to brute-force it. I’m all ears for a better way

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WordPress Multisite Explained

Over the past few weeks, my friend Bes Zain and I created a few videos that demonstrate how to install WordPress Multisite. Both videos also demonstrate how to utilize the WordPress commercial plugin BackupBuddy to help transferring sites into and outside of a network a breeze. How to set up WordPress Multisite Domain Mapping How […]

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wp_print_r – My favorite debugging function that isn’t included in core

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jQuery Fundamentals

For those who have read my WordPress and Ajax book, you’ll know that I get pretty involved with jQuery throughout. I have a basic chapter on jQuery, but for those who want to know more, I recommend jQuery Fundamentals (a free resource). From their site: jQuery is fast becoming a must-have skill for front-end developers. […]


Quick Tip: Disallow File Editing on Client Dev Sites

If you’ve ever dealt with clients, you’ve probably also set up development sites to demonstrate plugins and/or themes. One danger before receiving final payment is the person ripping off your code through the plugin/theme editor. While this is tedious to do, it is still a real and scary possibility. To deactivate the plugin/theme editor, just […]

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WordPress Upgrade Class for Commercial or Client Plugins

If you have a plugin hosted outside of the official WordPress repo (whether commercial or for clients), one issue you’ll inevitably run into is how to utilize automatic upgrades. For my upcoming release of Ajax Edit Comments, I coded an upgrade class that immensely simplified the process for me. First, I’ll share the code to […]


WordPress Professional Plugin Development Book Review

A formula for success: Put together an idea and outline for a book that hasn’t been covered in-depth before. Gather three of the most talented WordPress developers/writers and have them write the book. Release the book and watch the Elves return back to Middle Earth to rejoice with men. Professional Plugin Development, written by Ozh […]