Since its recent release, WordPress and Ajax has been receiving rave reviews and recommendations.

Here are a few of them:



In the world of directly applicable and approachable script snippets, this book is king. Considering the number of Adobe’s “Classroom in a Book” volumes and Programmer-to-Programmer tomes that I own, this is pretty high praise.

When I first dove in, I actually expected the book to be somewhat basic (sorry Ron). The first chapter is titled What is Ajax and I expected something along the lines of JavaScript 101 as I dug in. But the humor used throughout the book makes the more basic concepts palatable, and it helps build your confidence before diving in to noncing and script localization (two concepts most veteran developers are still figuring out). Eric Mann @ Mindshare Strategy

In my opinion, the quality and expertise in “WordPress & Ajax” is up there with any O’Reilly or Wiley book. Add in the value you get from free updates when new editions come out, and it is really a no-brainer for anyone interested in utilizing Ajax in their WordPress repertoire. Eric Weiss @ WPCandy

Reading the book is actually kind of fun and not boring for a second. The writing style is casual yet accurate, a bit like attending a very detailed and sharp conference, where you get a glimpse of the author’s personality as well as a bit of his knowledge. Planet Ozh

This book is a God send for WordPress developers. If you are struggling to understand how to implement Ajax within WordPress, using both plain JavaScript and jQuery, then this is the book you should get. Agent WordPress

If you’re a developer who’d like to improve your WordPress skills, I’m pretty sure you’ll love WPAjax and learn how to create better themes and plugins. – Jean-Baptiste – Cats Who Blog

Ronald ingeniously shares his knowledge from his personal and unique experiences with Ajax, PHP and jQuery along with his witty and often humorous writing style that makes very technical tasks as easy as possible on the brain. – Robyn-Dale Samuda – BloggingPro

I agree 100% — this book is an ajax/WordPress developer’s dream. I got this for free by buying a subscription to Ronald’s Ajax Comments plugin — which was a great deal. Either way, it’s worth it’s weight in gold. – Damian – BloggingPro Comment

Ron, your book is great – very concise, to the point and humorous. – Brandon Corbin –

This book answered all of my Ajax questions and some I didn’t even
know I had! – Ryan Hellyer –

I’m impressed. This book is really comprehensive. Language seems very clear and code samples seem helpful. – Darren Hoyt –

After reading quite a few random tutorials online, I still had “no idea” what Ajax was all about and how I could make use of it together with WordPress. After reading this book however, I can build some pretty advanced functionality. And not by copy/pasting examples, but with actual understanding of how and why things work. – Øyvind Enger –

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